The path to a better you…

Don’t obsess over what you don’t want or don’t like about yourself. You cant achieve a goal that you haven’t clearly identified.

1. Identify what it is that you want.

Don’t obsess over what you don’t want or don’t like about yourself. You cant achieve a goal that you haven’t clearly identified.

2. Identify the desire.

What drives your goal?  Does the desire come from a position of high regard for oneself, or is it fear based? Do I want to be thin to look better for others or me? Do I want to achieve this to better me, or prove myself to somebody else?  While the process & outcome may be the same, ‘empty goals’ really don’t add to our lives; in fact they further complicate it as they aren’t based on honest values, and tend to push us away from the true ‘us’.

3. Identify a time frame.

How long should this goal take? Is this time frame realistic or should you perhaps break it down into short & long variants? It’s important you don’t set yourself up to fail ; this causes significant conscious & subconscious damage.

Let’s look at it this way… If you choose to drive from Sydney to Byron bay for example you calculate the journey based upon hours travelled, factoring in re-fuelling & lunch. Based upon this you calculate the trip to take approx 9 hours & head out on the journey with this very expectation. With this clear in your mind from the starting destination, you have a clear & precise goal in mind. You don’t deviate from the plan, and certainly don’t turn around half way because it’s ‘taking too long!’

4. Identify the tools you will require.

When constructing a new house, it is normal to make a list of all the materials & services which are ‘required’ to create your home. You pick out flooring, paint, tiles, appliances etc in an effort to create your dream ideal. You don’t get frustrated at needing a plumber, as you just ‘know’ he is paramount for the integrity of the final product. By the same token you also don’t leave out the carpenter, as the roof tiler can’t do his work if the frame isn’t constructed.

In this, consider all the things you need. Just as a carpenter needs hammers, nails, nail guns etc, you too have special requirements. For example, if you are aiming to lose body fat you require the right foods, convenient snacks, exercise & clothing apparel, gym memberships, massage appointments, protein powders, specific nutritional supplements etc. These obviously vary case to case.

5. Identify any factors which may affect the desired outcome.

For example, time, prior commitments & obligations, ill-health, work etc. You will need to qualify which of these factors are actual obstacles, and which ones are consistencies in your life which will always divert your attention away from you, and therefore become excuses rather than reasons that you can’t hit your targets. Ask the question ‘is now the right time to begin my journey?’ the answer may be yes or no.

But if for example there is a short term factor like a work deadline or its school holidays and you’re busy ferrying around the kids for a few weeks, it may be best to start your new journey a month from now. There is an inherent part in many of us which wants us to fail, indeed feeding our poor self esteem & self worth. In order to silence this part of us, make sure the road ahead is free from bumps for as far as you can see.

6. Be consistent!

Your outcome is directly affected  by the effort you put in. Consistency is paramount if you are serious about achieving a goal. I recommend you only begin a process you are serious about & can see yourself doing.

Using fat loss as an example, it would be foolish to begin an exercise program that you hate. If the gym isn’t for you then don’t go! It’s the consistency of gym training which pays dividends. If however you love to swim and are passionate about it, this is the exercise for you.

7. Recognise that you have reached your goal.

Congratulations! This is why you undertook your journey. Recognition that you have successfully arrived at your destination is important in honouring yourself and your efforts. It may be pertinent at this point to look at establishing new goals, and therefore allow the cycle to start all over again. Some people thrive on this and feel inspired when they have clear direction. This inspiration & acknowledgement that effort = results obviously aids motivation to do it all again.

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