The Cheat Day

Cheat Day Diet

So you’re diet is going great & you’ve dropped a significant amount of the unwanted body fat you were aiming for. Fantastic!! But where to from here, & how do I incorporate normal living into my new regime??

The way to a better life is all about balance, and it’s imbalanced to diet, diet, diet everyday of your life. In fact, dieting hard for the long term will probably minimise your chance of having the body you desire.


Most have heard the story about how your body thinks it’s starving if you diet too long and will inevitably hold onto fat in protest if it is denied too long. Despite these great stories, the high majority of women I treat or lecture to, come to a crossroads during their fat loss journey, where they learn balance or dig their heels in & continue the denial process.


Fear is the greatest antagonist of long term personal progress. Whilst the average person blames poor food choices for their weight issues, it must be ‘learned’ that balance is the key principle. What most people don’t know is why cheat days are essential. That’s right essential!

Dieting at first will lead to a rapid alteration in neuro-hormonal response, meaning that you lose weight. Over time however these responses desensitise and your results slow. Enter the cheat day……


A strategic calorie overload is an important method in re-stabilising the hormones necessary for fat loss. Furthermore, a cheat meal or cheat day (depending on your personal needs) results in a rapid surge of thyroid hormones, which as a result speeds metabolic processes and can actually catapult your fat loss results..


The maths are simple.


Cheat Meal = Happy / Balanced you = Happy / Balanced body = Better long term results & less fear of food.


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