I have seen and dealt with many health consultants over my years of racing and training throughout the world.

The knowledge that Shannon has is mind blowing and his ability to implement a plan of attack to get you back to 100% health is a true testament to his years of study.

Most of all for me is that Shannon cares, he actually wants to help. Its not just a paid visit it’s that he wants to see everyone experience the best health possible. This is what stands out the most for me.. Someone who cares about your needs..

Matt Murphy

After a horrific dentist experience mid October 2016 I was left with Trigeminal Neuralgia. The pain was worse then labor and lounge ridden. I was on steroids, anti-seizure medications along with hard pain medications. I couldn’t even wash and dry my hair without pain let alone go outside with a breeze or swim etc. The doctors told me I would have to live with this discomfort for life along with anti-seizure medications which would leave me being unable to drive and work. This to me wasn’t the answer as I have two young children who I need to care for any my husband works away so I couldn’t be left in pain suffering and unable to drive.
I had seen Shannon back in 2013 who helped me get on top with everyday life stresses, diet/exercise and migraines so, I set the ball in motion.
Within the first week of Shannon treating me my pain had decreased 80%. Now a month after contacting Shannon I am back to my old self, pain FREE! And all without taking steroids, anti-seizure & pain medication.
Shannon is very empathetic, caring, extremely knowledgeable in his field. He truly listens and treats you holistically.

Deanne Williams

I had the privilege of listening to Shannon at a Conference and what a power house of wonderful information backed up with solid evidence. It was so educational and equipped with humor. I had been experiencing burn out and emailed Shannon when I returned home form the conference – not only did he reply super fast but recommended some great supplements which I have been using and feeling so much better. I have also introduced IF and eat daily (very healthy) from 12.30pm till 8.30pm and this has also made a huge difference. Total gratitude for the information provided by Shannon.,

sharon vandermeer

I worked with Shannon all those years ago when I started my new life after losing my hubby. He worked with me with obesity and started improving my health and wellbeing. Then I found bodybuilding, and stood on a competitive stage – goal achieved.

A few years ago I hit personal trouble. Everything in my world suffered. It’s taken quite sometime to physically and emotionally heal. This year I’ve seriously started working to reclaim my health and wellness … with the help of Shannon, once again. Not easy juggling working the crazy hours, international travel and the stresses involved, but I’m well and truly on my way.

Shannon is brilliant. I appreciate having him on my side, in my team. His work goes further than just training and nutrition. He has helped me heal and reconnect my heart in my life ❤️. With his advice as a Coach, Naturopath, Fitness advisor, and motivational source, my strength and performance in all the key areas of my life is constantly improving.

When I say he’s good, and worthy connecting with – I mean it. Shannon truly is that good. Book an appointment, and see for yourself. If you’re looking to improve your health and performance follow this guy. He’s the real deal.


Laynie Kelly

Amazed !!!!
Shannon has helped me take control of my life in such a short time I am completely amazed with the results.
When I first contacted Shannon I had insulin resistance with a level of 30; which is extremely high. My GP had prescribed metformin but my stomach could not tolerate it. With Shannons support and advice we changed my diet and stopped the metformin. The diet has been manageable, tasty and doesn’t leave me hungry.
Today I got so amazing news from my GP. My insulin level is now a 7; within normal range !!!!! I cannot believe it, I am so happy. After years of weight gain, lethargy and depression I now have more energy, my measurements are smaller and I am genuinely happy.
This just shows medication is not always the answer for everyone, and a simple diet and exercise regime in a short time can literally turn ones life around.
Forever grateful Shannon.
Thank you.

Lisa Cartwright

I’d just like to say THANKS!!!!

thanks for helping me know myself a little better.

Thanks for starting me off on a journey of complete health and becoming 100% me again.

Thanks for making me realise that losing my weight is not what will make me healthy or happy but is only a very small part of it.

Thanks for letting me see that my issues do not have an instant fix (unfortunately).
Thank for being honest (brutally) and 100%you.


I have seen and dealt with many health consultants over my years of racing and training throughout the world.

The knowledge that Shannon has is mind blowing and his ability to implement a plan of attack to get you back to 100% health is a true testament to his years of study.

Most of all for me is that Shannon cares, he actually wants to help. Its not just a paid visit it’s that he wants to see everyone experience the best health possible. This is what stands out the most for me.. Someone who cares about your needs..

Matt Murphy

During my pregnancy, and after the birth of my daughter, I put on a lot of weight and was very unhappy. I went to my GP for help and he recommended I book an appointment with Shannon. Just over 12 months on I am now happy and healthy in body, mind and soul and it’s all thanks to his guidance, support and infinite knowledge. I literally owe him my life as had I not met him I was headed for an early grave. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all he has done for me. I am so excited for my future and know it will be a long, happy and healthy one. Thank you again Shannon, you are truly amazing!

Tracey Cole

I was lucky enough to meet Shannon through a recommendation by a close friend. I couldn’t speak any higher of him. I was blown away by his knowledge and extremely positive attitude. He gets right to the point in a very caring and considerate manner. He has diagnosed and helped me through certain health struggles that were not picked up by GP’s. Would recommend Shannon to anyone that wants to change their life for the better!

Nicole Lye

Shannon, I just want to acknowledge you and the guys at PSE being a part of my team. The two day Crossfit comp on the weekend (RIOT 2015)was a good test for me and you’ll be pleased to know that I won the Masters Division and had I opted to enter the Opens instead of Masters, I would have come 2nd place against guys half my age. Pretty chuffed, though I don’t do it for the accolades or victories. I do it to be the best version of me and to beat me.

You guys have contributed to my health and wellbeing, and to say I’m very grateful is an understatement.

Matt Kay

Just 7 hours ago, I left Shannon after a lengthy appointment that included chatting, meditation and a drive to an amazing and special place, that lifted my mood and my hope, immediately. I am an anxious, single, 39 year old, who’s seen numerous psychologists, all in the hopes of helping me work towards my dreams.
I went to Shannon with lots of “it’s too late” and “I could never do that” and “that’s just never gonna happen”.
When asked what I liked to do for myself, I found all my answers pointed to others and family and being there with and for them. I couldn’t answers questions, simply about me. I learnt that I was actually repelling people!!
In the first 20min of my appointment, I had shared more about myself than I’ve ever told my nearest and dearest friends and things that it had taken years to tell therapists. But there was something about Shannon’s honesty and genuine concern for me and my wellbeing that made me feel safe, and I didn’t hesitate. I answered with all the honesty I had. What I didn’t know was that I’d been ripping myself off of a life!! I’d given up on myself and had lost any empowerment over my own life.
I haven’t been living, I’ve been surviving, scraping through, existing. I haven’t been living!! At all, it turns out!!
I don’t know how to put into words the experience I had today. Shannon went above and beyond, because it was exactly what I needed…ME! I can’t believe what happened in the time I was with him, listening to him, taking in every word, looking at things I hadn’t been paying attention to because apparently I didn’t feel worthy enough to see or connect to anything.
All I can say is, I left Shannon thanking him for being the first person to give me hope!! I mean, he really had me walking out, after just one session, believing I might actually get what I’ve always dreamed of! Hope and a better belief and a way to work on myself, for myself, by myself, so that I can follow the journey I was put here for!! Intention!! What’s my intention? I have so much to think about, so many affirmations to remind myself of. This is just the beginning, but now I actually have ways to train my mind to think in a better way that will serve me, as I deserve!
But this is just MY story. I honestly believed I’d seen all the professionals I could see, but I hadn’t met Shannon, until today…and now, things will never be the same and that’s the greatest news I’ve ever heard…AND it feels so doable…so OK 🙂
Thank You Shannon…thank you!


During the last 4 years I have been struck by either a bad head cold or influenza (ending up in hospital, August 2012) during late winter. This would usually require me to take a 3 to 4 week break from training and time would need to be taken off from my job as a school teacher to recover. During May 2014, I went to Shannon hoping to find a solution stopping me from getting another illness during this period, as it would have hindered my training, preparation and performance to the best of my ability at the World Lifesaving Championships in France during mid September. With Shannon’s guidance and expertise I was able to get through this period without any health issues or illnesses, along with feeling a lot stronger & recovering well between training sessions, allowing me to achieve my goals of winning the Ironman, surf race and board race in the 45-49 years age group category. I wouldn’t have achieved these results without being 100% healthy. Thanks Shannon- much appreciated.

Paul Lemmon (Masters Athlete Surf Lifesaver & Swimmer)

Since I can remember I have played the weight loss snake and ladders game, lose some – put more on. I followed every weight loss product and program there is. I was sad, lacked self-confidence and absolutely hated life. I blamed my weight gain on everything and everyone else – from my PCOS to my husband.

April last year I started at Crossfit and whilst I shaped up I still suffered in the same way with weight gain and confidence. In January, I finally built the courage up to see Shannon about my PCOS and thought I would just mention my weight issue in a passing comment as I was scared of facing all the failed attempts in my life. Within the first 10 minutes Shannon pin pointed everything, he knew I was suffering with depression, weight gain, fatigue, mood changes and list goes on.

At first we worked on controlling my PCOS, then in the second appointment Shannon said something that I didnt understand (at that moment) “we need to get the mind well first, everything will follow”. Over the last four months this has been my main focus, I have noticed a massive improvement. I am laughing, I am happy, I have confidence and most importantly I love waking up each day.

Whilst I still have a lot of weight to lose, I am  lighter than ever before. My head is clear, my PCOS is under control and I AM IN CONTROL OF MY FUTURE – no-one else!

Thank you Shannon, I owe you my life. Six months ago I hit rock bottom with nowhere to run and hide; now I just love life.

Peta Storey

I have been involved in the nutrition, health & fitness industry for a long time and I have to say that Shannon is a rarity. On a business level, he is the consummate professional and a refreshing change of intelligence and truth that our industry is often lacking. His voice and knowledge can hold an audience and he is brilliant in front of a camera.

You would also be hard pressed to find anyone spoken as highly of him in regards to diagnosing the true reasons someone may be suffering poor health and unable to achieve their health and fitness goals. Perhaps his most important qualities however are his empathy and desire to help. If you’re looking for a genuine expert who will listen, understand and help you, then Shannon is your man. I cannot recommend him enough on both a business and personal level.

Alexander Perkins

Coming from a professional Rugby League background I entered the world of Competitive CrossFit back in 2013. Whilst I had a solid base to work off I felt I was lacking in one of the most important areas for performance and optimal health and wellbeing for that matter – Nutrition. After competing in the Australia/NZ CrossFit Regionals I figured to be the best you need to be coached by the best and Shannon is a standout professional above anything I have ever experienced.
His passion and dedication to better the lives of everyone around him are seen on a daily basis and he has provided great mentorship in helping me achieve the best shape of my life. On top of this my performances are going through the roof which excites me to see how far I can push to reach my true potential. He is a genuine guy which is a rarity in today’s world, who has created positive change in so many people. Thanks for everything mate!

Alex Ranieri

To everyone.

Shannon is not just an elite level nutritionist but a passionate human whose perspective on life is well rounded and whose opinions comes from a wealth of experience. He has knowledge no book can teach and speaks in a way that cannot be learnt.

I had him on a podcast at my CrossFit gym. We sat and spoke openly about fitness, food and life. He shared knowledge and told stories that are invaluable. His lessons should be listened to carefully. When you take his advice listen and apply it all.

The reach and lives he can touch through his work is growing each day and I only hope I will have more opportunities in the future to spread his message and reach more ears. He truly knows how to help anyone in any circumstance.

Thank you Shannon, I have no doubt we will work together again soon.

An even bigger thank you from our CrossFit community.

Lachlan Rowston

I first saw Shannon around five years ago when I was 22 years old. I was experiencing seizures three times a week and had endured every examination and exhausted every medical avenue, with no results. At this time I was travelling back and forth from Australia and Ireland as a maritime welder. This became problematic because due to the seizures I no longer met the medical requirements for the upcoming season.

My first consultation with Shannon was shocking because after months of having doctors and specialists tell me there was nothing they could do; I now had a man in front of me acting like I had told him he won the lottery. The enthusiasm he showed in taking on what he described as a “challenge” was over whelming. His knowledge was extensive in both clinical and natural medicine. Over a 6 month period he addressed not only my bodies physical issues that were causing the seizures but focused on my mental and emotional state in order to provide a holistic state of health. I persevered with taking every concoction he gave me and cleaned up my diet. Within less than a year I stopped having seizures and after a year was able to continue my job.

Five years on I have still not had a seizure. I continue to see Shannon in order to maintain my general health and well being but have never had to revisit treatment for my seizures. Shannon has become my Naturopath, councillor, mentor and friend. He is not about putting a band aid on the wound and handing you a drug to rotate you out the door quicker; he is about finding the core issue behind your problems and dealing with it from the bottom up. Shannon is different to anyone I have encountered in the industry because he is passionate and committed to the cause of holistic health. I couldn’t thank him enough for being my secret weapon in the success I continue to have in my life.

Prue Newton

Shannon is an industry expert in his field and a leader of men. I have known Shannon for quite a few years and he has given me plenty of great advice about training and nutrition. I know that he has helped literally thousands and thousands of people over the years transform their bodies, health and life.
I cannot recommend Shannon enough he is a true professional and a very authentic down to earth person.

Matt Vincent

On the 25th of June 2014 Mass Nutrition Kincumber held a Q&A Nutrition Seminar in store raising money for the local childrens hospitals. I approached Shannon to host the seminar and explained the event, Shannon was enthusiastic to be involved and donated his time generously.
When Shannon speaks your eyes and ears are glued, he connects so well with the audience creating an extremely informative and life changing experience. His understanding of todays world and the foods we eat will have you questioning your diet within 2 minutes of listening, and for the better.

After the seminar we had an exclusive sale for the attendees and doubled our takings for the day! The feedback we received was nothing but astounding with plenty of voices wanting to know when next he was speaking.

I recommend Shannon on both a personal and business level, an absolute professional at what he does.



Julius Toole- Mass Nutrition Kincumber

I finally booked an appointment with Shannon after I had hit my lowest point. I had an injury which prevented me doing the sport I loved- stand up paddling (SUP) and on top of that I was battling a fatiguing illness my doctor discovered as being Hashimotos disease. At the time I could barely get out of bed and it was a struggle to change out of my pyjamas I was that stiff.
I found Shannon to be extremely knowledgable on all things health related. With a change of diet, adequate sleep and some Chinese tonics I felt better in days. He also directed me to the right people who could assist with my injury recovery.
To think that 6 months later, I went on to win the world Molokai 2 Oahu paddle race was a dream come true. I have Shannon to thank for helping me achieve my goal.

Terrene Black

I first saw Shannon when i was 16 weighing in at 63kg. With Shannon’s help i gained 7kg in 8 months. Seven years later i return to see him to extend my knowledge and find out what changes I needed to make with my eating to become heavier and fuller for my next BB show in a years time. Within the first week of starting , my energy levels went through the roof and I was training harder and heavier than ever before!
I highly recommend Shannon for his endless knowledge on nutrition and training. Every time I have seen him for a consultation I have never once been disappointed.


I had a consultation with Shannon yesterday morning and have already started to shift several habits that don’t serve me. Walking to the shops for groceries (someone usually drives me), waking up at 6:45am (I would usually wake up after midday) and cooking a clean breakfast (I don’t usually eat breakfast). That is all within the first 24 hours. My mind is a lot clearer and I feel really positive because I’m thinking really positively. I look forward to seeing the results of these changes once they have been sustained for some time. I highly recommend Shannon’s services and products.

Rachel Petan

I had the privilege to have a one on one consultation with Shannon a few days ago and I just wanted to say how grateful I am that I had this opportunity. I only thought I would be asking a few nutritional questions I was looking for some answers about, however the knowledge, insight and inspiration that Shannon provided me with is something I will treasure for a lifetime. Very rare is it that you meet someone with so much knowledge, warmth, and sincerity. Shannon is genuine and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for opening a door to self awareness and providing me with a specific plan that was created not just for my health, but for my life and my success.

Jo Blankenship – Perth WA

After joining the gym at age 15, I began thinking that I was able to eat more of the food I wanted to, as long as I was working out – this proved to be a very wrong conception! I saw my weight soar to a disappointing 70kgs, I became a very unhappy and unconfident person, which was not me at all. In May 2012 I decided to try really hard with my diet and exercise and lost 3kgs on my own. After speaking to a friend who was seeing Shannon I decided to make an appointment – his passion, expertise and knowledge was astounding!

Since my first appointment, I have learned so much about nutrition and training, and as my body continues to change and improve, I continue to learn more. Knowledge is definitely power! I have lost 13kgs of body fat while still increasing muscle mass and a total of 47.5cm – which has allowed me to become such a happier and determined person. My training days have decreased and I’m sleeping better too. I appreciate my body and food so much more now, and love that I can eat more and weigh less!

I cannot thank Shannon enough for his help in making me realise that this is a lifestyle, and for being a constant source of support, answering my millions of questions almost immediately via email whenever I’m unsure about something. I highly recommend seeing Shannon if you want results.

Eliza Nielsen

My name is Jason Holloway. I’m 18 years of age and in June of 2012, when I first met Shannon I was roughly 105kgs of mostly fat, I had extremely low self esteem and also suffered from depression.

I started seeing Shannon to lose some weight before schoolies until I realised through his help, that health isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle.

With an enormous amount of Shannon’s help and backing, he helped me to lose 17kgs in 4 months, without loseing any muscle mass, and today I still see Shannon regularly.

I truly believe that Shannon has changed my life, and I now understand why people speak so highly of him. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I have Shannon to thank for that. I truly recommend that everyone who wishes to change their health for the better, take that step and see Shannon today.

Regards Jason

Jason holloway

Just under two years ago Shannon introduced himself to me, whilst training at the gym. I was 17 at the time, and, although I trained as hard as I could, with a limited knowledge, I struggled to put on weight. When Shannon approached me I was 48.5kgs. Skinny and suffering from chronic fatigue. Shannon, being the health and fitness professional he was/is, took it upon himself to train me and also to be a constant source of support, information and advice. After 3 months I weighed 65 kgs and decided that I wanted to play football again. After a few brief discussions with Shannon, and a few diet/training shake ups, my weight soared up to 75 kgs within another 2 months (26.5kgs in 5 months with Shannon).

I walked into the first day of football pre season, after 12 months of utilising Shannon’s information, guidance and advice, at a pretty lean and fit 80kgs and had the best year of my sporting life. I was able to debut in second grade and was chosen to train/fill in at 18th man with first grade. I was getting paid to play a sport I thought i would never be able to return to and, more importantly, was loving every minute of it.

Although Shannon wouldnt except all the credit for this, I owe much of my current health, fitness, happiness and life in general to the advice and guidance that he kindly shared with the skinny kid in the gym who obviously needed a point in the right direction. Shannon provided more then that point. He provided a spark.

Cheers Shannon

Josh Wiggins

I saw Shannon in December 2012 after I heard many good things about the service he provides. After losing 32kgs in 2 years through the Mish Bridges 12WBT, another 2 diets as well as completing functional training at my local gym, I wanted to get my body to how i wanted it to be.

After our first consultation, Shannon gave me guidelines of what I can and cant eat, when to eat it and how much i should be and also what types of exercises I should be concentrating on more. I went back today (January 2013) and my results were amazing! My weight and body fat dropped while my skeletal muscle mass and expected phase angle had increased!

I am amazed at what I have achieved. By listening to Shannon, I’ve changed my eating habits, decreased my exercise days, increased my rest days, increased my weight sessions and I’ve lost more weight in 4 weeks than I had done previously in any other weight loss program I have done!

Thank you Shannon! You have made me a better wife as my husband says I’m full of life now and a better mother for my daughter!

Jordana Featon

I have suIfered with migraines from a young age. In my mid-twenties I had seen a neurologist who prescribed me daily medication and to some extent had them under control. l went off this medication when I decided to start a family with my husband and whilst bearing two beautiful girls didn’t suffer at all whilst being pregnant but for the last 12months I had been hit with a vengenous! I had seen a chiro/osteo and my gp haD tried me on different medications. I have triggers as too much salt/orange juice/chocolate but my main one was every time I exerted myself in exercise I would end up with a full blown migraine. I was suffering every second day. I also had a lot of personal issues with my father having early onset Alzheimer’s and my best friend/sister In law passing suddenly all coinciding with the birth of my second child, leaving me under a lot of stress.
Shannon was recommended to me in July 2012 and then I was on my way. Shannon showed great empathy to my situation and has helped me on all different levels. Shannon really listens to you and treats you for you. I have achieved weight Loss, a better understanding of food and 99.9% pain free. But more importantly, I have my spark back and back to living for me, my husband and beautiful girls – My family xxxx
January 2013

Deanne Williams (32yrs)

Im a very passionate personal trainer & I contacted Shannon a week ago & explained to him how frustrated & lost I felt towards nutrition as there is so many contradicting opinions. With no hesitation Shannon organized time out of his busy schedule to meet up with me.
After speaking to Shannon about the things that just were not clear to me anymore with in the first conversation I was blown away by his knowledge & after the 5000 questions I had for him I walked away with such a clear head & felt so good about what he helped me understand & how he explained himself, I thought to myself this guy is as passionate to help me as I am to learn & help others, I spent over an hour with Shannon & u know what it cost me? A cup of coffee. There was absolute no motive for Shannon only to help me, there was no sales pitch, no trying to sell me anything, he was 100% percent genuine about helping me. I can’t thank you enough Shannon what u did for me today & will def be keeping in contact with you as now I’ve found a reliable source. Thank you so much mate. Shane

Shane Errington

Im a very passionate personal trainer & I contacted Shannon a week ago & explained to him how frustrated & lost I felt towards nutrition as there is so many contradicting opinions. With no hesitation Shannon organized time out of his busy schedule to meet up with me.
After speaking to Shannon about the things that just were not clear to me anymore with in the first conversation I was blown away by his knowledge & after the 5000 questions I had for him I walked away with such a clear head & felt so good about what he helped me understand & how he explained himself, I thought to myself this guy is as passionate to help me as I am to learn & help others, I spent over an hour with Shannon & u know what it cost me? A cup of coffee. There was absolute no motive for Shannon only to help me, there was no sales pitch, no trying to sell me anything, he was 100% percent genuine about helping me. I can’t thank you enough Shannon what u did for me today & will def be keeping in contact with you as now I’ve found a reliable source. Thank you so much mate. Shane

Shane Errington

The Central Coast of NSW Australia is very lucky to have such a passionate person in Shannon who is fulfilling his purpose on earth to educate us on our health and nutrition.
I am a 44 year old Aboriginal woman who consulted Shannon late last year whilst recovering from surgery after a hysterectomy which was my treatment of Cervical Cancer to see what I could do to help myself moving forward. I have always known that Foods Heal and Foods can Harm so how did I get myself in the predicament that I was in? Yep I forgot, I thought I could put anything in my mouth and there would be no repercussions apart from the extra weight.
I had a thought one day about Acid / Alkaline Ph Balance in the body, and went to Shannon with the question what is Acid / Alkaline ph Balance? I told my story and Shannon started the education not only on how to restore ph balance in my body, but on the benefits of detoxing after cancer. Shannon put me on a detox firstly to rid my body of toxicity. Cancer is toxicity and deficiency. I also had to get my digestion system working optimally, which I am very proud to say is functioning quite well.
I have since had people ask me ‘how do you know what detox to do, there are so many out there they would not even think to do one’. My answer is ‘do a supervised detox under a Nutritionist’ (I always recommend Shannon). The beauty of Shannon’s practice is that he treated me uniquely for my condition and I have now been 9 months cancer free and on a continuous mission to educate myself on current nutrition, and how nutrition is key to reversing chronic disease. Fresh and pesticide, herbicide free is best. I will continue to consult with Shannon yearly unless needed otherwise. I service my car, so now I have a schedule to check where my health is at as well.
• I was shocked through my cancer journey to learn that Cancer Rates in Aboriginal people are 60% more likely to die from their cancer than non-Aboriginal people.
• For some cancers, the death rate is more than three times higher.
• Cancer is the second leading cause of death for Aboriginal people. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for Aboriginal people.
• Attendance to breast and cervical screening by Aboriginal women is approximately half that of non-Aboriginal women.

A quote from Australian Cervical Cancer Council Foundation – 40% of women are not having regular Pap Smears. 90% of women who die from cervical cancer in Australia will be women who have not had their Pap Smears regularly.
Thank you Shannon I am very pleased that your website is up and running as I am able to utilise your website to continue my self-education and awareness.
“Find the Spiritual Warrior within you to make the changes that you need to make”

Temple Williams

i have just competed in the ANB Central Coast Titles placing 3rd in a line up of 8 girls. I took this challenge on with no experience. I knew of Shannon and how busy he is. I contacted him through his on line service.
With not alot of time before my comp, Shannon got me on track fast! Diet to me was a huge part. Shannon was always fast to respond if I had any questions on the way. Which I did !!
I know this has been a big part of my success in standing on that stage and being very very proud!!
Thanks Shannon 25.9.12

Suzanne Floyd

Shannon has changed my life. I was putting on weight, getting weak and wasting my time and effort at the gym. Being a pole dancer, it wasn’t a good state for me to be in. After following Shannon’s advice on exercise and diet I completely changed the shape and strength of my body, you could even see my abs after only three weeks. It is now just over one yeah later and my body, strength, health and fitness is better that it has ever been, still following the exercise and diet that Shannon had told me to.

I have recommended several people to Shannon after they have received failed GP treatments. I told each of these people that if Shannon cannot fix them i would pay their bill. This has cost me nothing as they have all had their health given back to them.

A friend once told me that Shannon Brenton was a legend……….i’d have to agree.

Becky Adams

A BIG thank you to Shannon, who rescued me for taking a mulitude of tablet prescribed by my GP
I was severely Insulin Resistant.. with levels 135.5 (the normal being 3-10).
After just one month under the care and instruction I had reduced my insulin level to 8.8!!!!
Not to mention I had also reduced my cholesterol level also.
Then as an added extra I also lost 6kgs in the 4weeks, with a total weight loss up todate of 12kgs!
Thank you…Thank you..Thank you..

Michele Harris

As a Personal Trainer, you can get stuck in a rut with training, lifestyle and diet, and 6 weeks after seeing Shannon I lost 6 kgs, and am so amazingly happy!
Shannon’s support with trying to reduce my stress levels (owning my own business can be challenging) and also helping me to create awareness and accountability was awesome.
We all (including trainers!) need direction at some point and this year I am driven to get my clients to reach their goals, therefore I have been able to send all my clients to Shannon to get their nutrition and lifestyles in order according to their uniqueness and they too have had AMAZING results. Thanks Shannon for not only supporting me, but supporting my clients and my gym also x

Owner Phoenix Fitness Central Coast.

Alison Gibson

Shannon, I came to you fat and fifty with pain from an accident, depressed without any motivation to dig my way out of the hole I found myself in.

Today I am a positive well ballanced indervidual 35kg lighter enjoying my life on a daily basis, I’ve tuned fat into muscle swim, run and workout at the gym three days per week.
“LIFE IS GOOD” All thanks to you, keep up the good work!

Warren Beazley

In my 21year life, I have not been treated by a “doctor”, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I first met Shannon in 2009, but more recently returned with some distressing issues, for myself and those around me who cared. I had gotten to a point in my life where it was ruled by my anxieties. My creativity and spark for life fizzled out. Something as simple as going outside, or having to talk to people seemed terribly daunting. I had struggled with myself, and my mental insecurities. My physical health was declining due to my poor mental state.
So I sat down with Shannon, and used all his tissues. Talked about the origins of my insecurities, and why I was so disillusioned with life.
I believe a large part of the treatment process, was Shannons’ recommendation to see a PSH therapist, in an attempt to remove the mental barriers I was hiding behind. He also provided me with supplements, to aid and ease my anxiety and increase energy levels. Now 3months on, I feel like a completely new person. I have come to terms with myself, what I can expect from my body and mind.
Shannon helped me to alter the way I perceive my life, and my purpose. Shannon understands me, and my “situation” better than I could have ever imagined. It feels like he knows me, better than I know myself. He treats you as a friend, not a $
Sometimes, getting on the right path is difficult, but the journey is made much easier by having someone by your side, with the knowledge and a grasp of the “real” world.
For me, that person will always be Shannon. I have all the respect in the world for him. I know how lucky I am to have found him.
I would not be leading this “illuminated” life without his influence.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Karin Green

I have known Shannon for several years now. His knowledge and experience is second to none.

In November 2010 I decided I wanted to compete in bodybuilding. I was overweight and had very little muscle definition. After going through a bulking cycle I sat down with Shannon to discuss my goals and aspirations. He wrote me out a structured diet which I stuck to for 20 weeks leading up to my competitions. The dietary advice that I received was amazing. It is common for bodybuilders to have a period pre-competition where they are so depleted they can hardly function in everyday life. I did not have this at all. The diet allowed me to come in precisely how I wanted to on the day with very little loss in muscle density.

I owe Shannon a lot for his help and advice. This experience has changed my life and taught me a lot about myself. You wont find a friendlier, more professional guy with this much knowledge.

Brad Kennedy

Hi Shannon,
Congratulations on your lovely web site, it is simple teaming with natural remedies and lifestyle choices that can help so many people – good on you ! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expert guidance over the last few years in providing me with all your Herbal formulas and supplements to help treat my clients in Oman. Without you, this would not have been possible, and so many people have benefited from your extensive knowledge and supply of treatments from Australia. You are my hero !
If you would like to come and visit Oman, you are more than welcome, any time.
Best regards
Sue Hall
Muscat, Oman

Sue Hall

A massive thank you to Shannon for helping my wife & I with our diet. We are a busy family with three kids & a small business. We recently took part in a 12 week challenge, I lost 16kg finishing in 1st position my wife lost 9kg finishing in 3rd position, thanks to Shannon’s diet & lifestyle advice.

My Wife is now lower than her pre pregnancy weight & I’m the lightest I have been in 12 years. We are both loving life.

Murray Dell

Since I was 21yrs old I suffered with on going ovarian cysts, & later in life early stage of ovarian cancer. A Total of 21 big operations, finally removal of both ovaries and hysterectomy at 42yrs of age. Thanks to Shannon my onocologist is blown away with how quickly I recover from all my operations, lack of scar tissue,no more adhessions, and most of all pain free. Being 42 and having a hysterectomy most women require to go on medication for ones hormones but thanks to Shannon helping me, keeping me fit, healthy and following healthy diet, my blood test are healthy. My oncologist and gyne are amazed as I am on NO medications, yet my hormones are like a healthy 21yr old yet I have no ovaries. Doctors say they medically can not explain this as its been over a year and half since I had a hysterectomy and no ovaries, yet my body still producing these natrual healthy hormones. Doctors medically cant explain ,but it is a great positive as I am not menopausal and have no sypmtoms and most of all I feel the healhiest and happiest I have ever felt.. full of life and energy that I so lacked before Shannon changed my life!. Not only have I over come early stages of ovarian cancer, I finally have back my life feeling healthy, happy and pain free. Thank you Shannon for giving me back my life you and Michelle have truly been my Angels in life 🙂


Wendy Davison

I’d just like to say that I have been learning from shannon for about 5 years now and I would simply not be where I am today with my body if it wasnt for his knowledge.

Paul Formosa

Shannon’s knowledge is second to none, I personally know tons of people that have made UNBELIEVEABLE body and lifestyle transformations after consulting with Shannon. He is a leader in the industry and respected in the community as a trustworthy professional.

Matty Vincent

Hi Shannon,
I’d just like to say Thank you so VERY much for the presentation last night at Fernwood in Ballarat.
What you were telling us, just absolutely blew me away.
This morning, I’m looking at my banana, and all I can think of is “this is the same as 5 punnets of strawberries, and I’m contemplating eating it???…ewww”….
I also went home and told hubby about his beer gut!
Yes, I was the quiet, large person sitting at the back, and I won’t go into my issues in this email however,I will be jumping onto your website shortly and booking an online consultation.
I’m attending Emazon’s class tonight and Friday night at Fernwood, and now I have a whole new sense of anticipation about both those classes.
I usually get motivated after a class, and then come the weekend, the whole thing gets blown out the window, and come Monday morning, I’m back to where I was.
However, I feel very different this time around. Thank you Shannon.

Margaret Roberts

Shannon’s level of knowledge and industry credibility in regards to health and nutrition is unparalleled.
I am currently in Victoria with Shannon lecturing in fernwood gyms and the reaction to his knowledge is refreshing and stunning. People need to know this stuff, for performance enhancement, weight loss and for general health.

Luke Price

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