Skin: Your most sensitive organ.

Many have tried to argue the point that there are in fact a few ‘organs’ more sensitive than our skin!

Many have tried to argue the point that there are in fact a few ‘organs’ more sensitive than our skin! I however i hold strong that our skin is a direct representation of our inner balance, and its overall health is dependent upon how well our bodies are functioning in their totality.



So what skin disorders am i referring to?

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Hives / urticaria
  • Skin itching (non specific)
  • Acne vulgaris / rosacea
  • Dandruff
  • Cellulitis
  • Skin discolouring
  • Granuloma’s
  • And many, many others

The factors which influence skin health…

The factors are vast, and this is my very point. The most significant variants include pre-existing ill health, poor micro nutrient status, protein &/or fatty acid deficiencies,  stress (a major determinant), diet high in refined sugar/flour products, puberty, pre-menstrual syndrome (pms), constipation and other gastrointestinal weaknesses resulting in increased toxic load, high tissue acidity and subsequent inflammation, high alcohol ingestion, some medications, drastic change in diet , allergy, some topical skincare products / make-up, and the list goes on.

So now hopefully you begin to see the absurdity of most current treatment regimes for skin conditions, which consistently views the skin as the problem, rather than dealing with any of the potential underlying triggers.

I had a patient recently who presented with chronic psoriatic lesions on her hands, toes and elbow creases. During the consultation process it became apparent that this lady had been struggling with constipation for most of her life. The skin specialists blamed her symptoms on genetics as her mother also suffered with psoriasis in her adult life, and so the treatment had been 8 years of corticosteroid based creams which had stopped working and thinned her skin terribly.

My initial strategy was to get this patients bowels working consistently, and preferably on their own. Within 3 weeks of treatment (i.e. Defacating daily) her symptoms were 80% better, and the constant skin itch had completely ameliorated. I continued with gastro-intestinal detoxification over the following 3 months (with no skin-specific treatment at all) and at the end of treatment she was completely healed!

This doesn’t mean that all psoriasis cases are necessarily gut related toxicity, but its’s a prime example that there are other factors at play other than the skin itself. The skin merely mirrors how well you are functioning physically, emotionally, mentally & subconsciously…


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