Josh Wiggins

Just under two years ago Shannon introduced himself to me, whilst training at the gym. I was 17 at the time, and, although I trained as hard as I could, with a limited knowledge, I struggled to put on weight. When Shannon approached me I was 48.5kgs. Skinny and suffering from chronic fatigue. Shannon, being the health and fitness professional he was/is, took it upon himself to train me and also to be a constant source of support, information and advice. After 3 months I weighed 65 kgs and decided that I wanted to play football again. After a few brief discussions with Shannon, and a few diet/training shake ups, my weight soared up to 75 kgs within another 2 months (26.5kgs in 5 months with Shannon).

I walked into the first day of football pre season, after 12 months of utilising Shannon’s information, guidance and advice, at a pretty lean and fit 80kgs and had the best year of my sporting life. I was able to debut in second grade and was chosen to train/fill in at 18th man with first grade. I was getting paid to play a sport I thought i would never be able to return to and, more importantly, was loving every minute of it.

Although Shannon wouldnt except all the credit for this, I owe much of my current health, fitness, happiness and life in general to the advice and guidance that he kindly shared with the skinny kid in the gym who obviously needed a point in the right direction. Shannon provided more then that point. He provided a spark.

Cheers Shannon

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