Globus Hystericus

36 year old female patient presented complaining of a ‘choking sensation’ around her neck – commonly referred to as plum stone throat or globus hystericus

Her gp first queried hashimotos disease given the patients strong family history, however bloods revealed her thyroid levels were fine & no goitre was detected. The symptoms were in fact diagnosed as globus hystericus, but no treatment was offered as the medical system considers the symptoms psychosomatic in aetilogy.

The patient had been chronically stressed over the past three months, as she coped with the fulltime care of her three young sons, while struggled with being evicted from her rental home with no other accommodation sorted at that time. She was also suffering blurred vision, muscle tightness, anxiety, palpitations, frequent waking throughout the night, low energy & vertigo.

The treatment:

I prescribed a classic combination therapy for stress, combining the Chinese formulas ‘pinellia & magnolia’ with ‘bupleurum & peony’ along with a specific magnesium powder for calming & acidity support. After 6 weeks all symptoms were completely alleviated.

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