Fact or Fiction 1

You burn more fat exercising on an empty stomach??

This is an old wives tale believed to be true, and followed by a lot of fitness fanatics. The truth of the matter however is that not eating before you exercise makes little to no difference. Studies have concluded in fact that not eating before you train can impair fat loss due to a reduction in training intensity & metabolic response.
What I can absolutely assure you is that not eating before you train will significantly increase the likelihood of muscle loss, as the body is forced into gluconeogenesis as a result of low blood sugar levels. This is obviously dependent upon the body’s glycogen storage levels and therefore the state calorific intake throughout the day/s prior, and the type of evening meal consumed the night before.
This argument doesn’t include the use of pre-workouts, inc;  L-carnitine & CLA, which can promote fat loss through the mobilization & transport of fat across the mitochondrial membrane.
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