Dairy Calcium Yes or No


Is dairy calcium all its cracked up to be, and what are your other options?

Here’s something you probably don’t know…… There is growing evidence to support that dairy products actually leach calcium from your bones, rather than aiding in bone density.
Clever dairy marketing campaigns have had the average person scurrying towards the supermarket fridge for over 50 years. The unfortunate truth though is that despite the huge ingestion in dairy foods, osteoporosis rates have not fallen. There are enormous underlying hormonal inadequacies at the basis of osteoporosis that a glass of milk wouldn’t be able to remedy, even if dairy was the answer to all our prayers.

I’m not necessarily advocating that everyone stop consuming dairy, I’m merely pointing out that its apparent benefits for bone health are not there. On top of this, it is widely accepted that animal proteins (found in milk) are largely to blame for poor bone mineral states. The story goes that animal proteins cause a moderate rise in blood acidity, which as a result leads to the leaching of calcium phosphate from the bones as phosphate in necessary to stabilise blood pH levels.

So what are your non-dairy alternatives for Calcium??

– Green leafy vegetables (except spinach)
– Broccoli
– Unhullled tahini (sesame paste used on toast or in hommus)
– Fortified soy & rice drinks, many of which supply 300mg of calcium in bioavailable forms.
– Molasses
– Beans & pulses
– Tofu
– White & brown breads, many of which are also fortified.
– Nuts (particularly almonds)
– Figs.


*If you’re on a high protein diet be sure you are including these foods in your diet, or take a calcium supplement (citrate or hydroxyapatite) to make up for the calcium leaching affects as stated prior.
*I am an avid fan of Vit D supplementation, which is at the point of pandemic deficiency in the western world. I advise 1000-2000 iu’s per day with your evening meal. Vit D has a thousand roles in our bodies, and is vital for calcium absorption.
*If you’re not involved in weight bearing exercise you should also start. There is really no substitute for movement, and load bearing exercises are the answer to your bone density woes.
* Be careful of the calcium thieves: Excessive salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks. It’s just another good reason to eat & live well!

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  • Renkucina

    Love it Shannon!  Great article.  we certainly don’t need dairy or animal prods in our diet if we don’t want to consume them…. interestingly my father has prostate cancer that has gone secondary into the bone… as soon as we removed these products from his diet & increased fruit & vege the shadow on the bone greatly reduced as did the psa levels reduce …. he has re-introduced them cos at 83 he enjoys them but he has far less than he was consuming.  🙂