Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

This is a very common complaint I treat a lot of. Having suffered myself with CFS over a 5 year period (beginning in my late teens), word has seemed to spread amongst the CFS community.

In this chronic fatigue syndrome case study, a 31 year old male presented with typical post viral syndrome symptoms of severe lethargy, intermittent sore throat, heat signs, bitter taste in his mouth, diarrhoea, nausea & headaches. He has suffered these symptoms now for approx. 2.5 years and had needed to leave his full-time employment due to the severity of symptoms.


I put this patient on a low reactive diet for the initial 4 weeks of treatment, merely to take the load off his digestive tract which was obviously suffering. I only allowed him to consume warm / cooked food, and also removed all stimulants (caffeine based) which he had become reliant upon to provide ‘fake’ energy. His treatment regime was designed to clear residual virus, drain internal heat, support digestion, support cell mitochondrial function and therefore alleviate fatigue. I normally take a fairly basic approach in the first stage of CFS treatment, strategically to address the initial symptoms (often with a draining / detoxification viewpoint) and basically wait to see what’s left. There is no ‘one’ treatment for any condition, and never is it more true than in CFS – I normally need to alter treatment 2-3 times while i allow the body to self heal.


The patient was 80% better 4 weeks later he believed. He was sleeping better, waking more refreshed, headaches & nausea had stopped and his digestion had improved. He wasn’t getting sore throats at all, which was unusual for him over a 4 week period where he would have normally experienced this at least twice a month. The heat signs were significantly improved.

At this stage I altered his treatment, taking less of a draining approach. The new treatment continued the need for increased energy, although did so by encouraging the body’s natural qi regulation, rather than draining virus and supporting the cell cycle. We maintained this process for a further 8 weeks, at which point the patient started back at work part-time.

This case demonstrates the relative ease at which CFS can be addressed. It’s common for people to self medicate with b vitamins, immune stimulants etc. with little to no success.

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