Case Studies

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is one of three inflammatory bowel diseases (ibd) and it is on a significant trend up! When I first began clinical consultation, I would see approx 5 cases a year in ages between 18 & 35. Nowadays, I treat around 2 cases a month in people as young as 5yo.

Acne rosacea (adult)

While not necessarily the pustular or cystic presentation of acne vulgaris, rosacea as it is termed, can be just an annoying to endure. Characterised by redness & swelling of the skin (normally on the upper cheeks and sides of nose) it can be accompanied with itching, pain & broken capillaries.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

This is a very common complaint I treat a lot of. Having suffered myself with CFS over a 5 year period (beginning in my late teens), word has seemed to spread amongst the CFS community.

Nutritional Assessment (Vegetarian)

A 31 year old woman came to see me after attending a Buddhist retreat where she lived as a vegetarian for 2 weeks. This lady had been living a fairly destructive life prior to the retreat and was really keen to continue with the newly adopted lifestyle that left her feeling so renewed.

Acne Vulgaris (Teenage)

A 17 year old male presented with one of the worst cases of cystic acne i had seen. The boy & his mother had frequented their local doctor surgery several times over the years with differing results ; at first repeated roaccutane courses seemed positive, as did recurrent antibiotic therapy, although over time his symptoms were continual and the pharmaceutical side effects were proving a problem. It had now been 4 years…

Globus Hystericus

36 year old female patient presented complaining of a ‘choking sensation’ around her neck – commonly referred to as plum stone throat or globus hystericus

Cardiovascular Weakness (hypertension, transient ischaemic attacks, intermittent claudication).

Alright this was a fun one. A 69 year old woman presented with symptoms of numbness in face, high blood pressure (currently controlled on avapro & noten medications), high cholesterol (6.5 total with 4.6 ldl & 2.3 triglycerides), chronic lethargy, symptoms of ibs (bloating, constipation and belching), chronic sinus congestion, dizziness, palpations, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and chronic calve pain (worse for walking). She was obviously distressed, but honestly had lived this way for so long that she had got used to feeling miserable (a familiar story!).

Acne Vulgaris (Adult)

A 41 year old woman presented with a long term history of skin breakouts around the cheek , chin areas. A full case history proved of little interest, and generally she was a very vital / healthy woman. She had a massive sweet tooth which she regularly gave in to, but her weight was good.