Fact or Fiction 1

You burn more fat exercising on an empty stomach??

New study reveals simple answer to losing weight

New study reveals a common, everyday mistake resulting in fat accumulation

Phytic Acid: The anti-nutrient & how to avoid its evil

It’s sad to admit, but the high majority of us have become so de-sentized to food & food choices, that age-old knowledge of food basics has been lost somewhere amongst the decades.

When low fat is ok?

It surprises me that decades after Nathan Pritican developed the ‘Pritican Diet’, we are still obsessing over ‘low fat’, and in many cases still following low fat protocols.

Pre-Workout Supplements: Yes or No?

I have often been accused of being anti pre-workouts. This isn’t in fact true at all, and i too have had memorable leg sessions while training on mesomorph, jack3d, 1mr etc etc etc. I understand the innate desire to train hard, reach pb’s and inevitably grow!

Skin: Your most sensitive organ.

Many have tried to argue the point that there are in fact a few ‘organs’ more sensitive than our skin!

Should I be using a protein powder?

So you’ve decided to start working out, and find yourselves asking the question ‘do i need to use a protein supplement?’ the magazines push them, some of your friends are taking them, and now even TV ads are featuring them, right?

Fatigue: Slowly killing modern man…

Have you ever looked around and realized that the high majority of people around you are tired?