The path to a better you…

Don’t obsess over what you don’t want or don’t like about yourself. You cant achieve a goal that you haven’t clearly identified.

Alcohol: How it affects your efforts to drop fat

How alcohol affects your ability to burn fat

So most of us enjoy a drink right?? I know I do, but like everything it’s a slippery slope that can significantly undo all the hard work you put in at the gym.

Shannon’s Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Supplements for General Health

The Cheat Day

Cheat Day Diet

So you’re diet is going great & you’ve dropped a significant amount of the unwanted body fat you were aiming for. Fantastic!! But where to from here, & how do I incorporate normal living into my new regime??

US Congress rules that pizza is a vegetable!

Pizza is now a vegetable?

Menopausal Weight Gain

A normal transitional phase, or a deficiency disease state?

Type 2 Diabetes: Pathophysiology and Exercise: By Chris Whatson

This is a must read article for anyone with diabetes, or a strong family history of diabetes.

Written by contributing columnist & Exercise Physiologist, Chris Whatson, this article highlights the very important relationship between exercise & blood sugar stabilisation. Another win for why you need to move!

Shannon squats triple his body weight


Carbohydrate intake occurs at the expense of fat oxidation.

Purpose – Our driving force

What is it that gets us out of bed in the mornings? What initiates our desire, and what, or who, do we identify with??