Cardiovascular Weakness (hypertension, transient ischaemic attacks, intermittent claudication).

Alright this was a fun one. A 69 year old woman presented with symptoms of numbness in face, high blood pressure (currently controlled on avapro & noten medications), high cholesterol (6.5 total with 4.6 ldl & 2.3 triglycerides), chronic lethargy, symptoms of ibs (bloating, constipation and belching), chronic sinus congestion, dizziness, palpations, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and chronic calve pain (worse for walking). She was obviously distressed, but honestly had lived this way for so long that she had got used to feeling miserable (a familiar story!).

She was also chronically stressed.

The patient was dismayed with the way in which she was being managed by her doctors, and wanted to avoid cholesterol medication and a host of other meds the doctors were suggesting. She was originally on warfarin (blood thinner) after her first tia, but did stabilise and came off it due to significant side effects.


I placed the patient on a modified insulin zone diet (to reduce inflammation by minimising omega 6 intake and lifted her omega 3 ingestion with a liquid epa (from molecularly distilled fish oil). This was also useful for blood sugar stabilisation and to assess its impact on her energy.

I put the patient on a Chinese herbal formula (jia wei xiao yao san) to address her stress levels which were exacerbating the high majority of her non-cardiovascular symptoms, along with high levels of vit b12 / folic acid ( to reduce homocysteine and aid restless legs & facial numbness) + a high potency magnesium, taurine and b vitamin supplement. She took this for 4 weeks…

The result:

  • numbness in face less severe & patient experiencing days without it
  • energy still poor
  • belching & constipation completely ameliorated.
  • Restless legs at night stopped completely, and sleep therefore excellent now.
  • Stress / anxiety a lot better, and palpitations completely stopped.
  • Leg pain while walking still a major problem.

What next?

The patients energy & leg pain was my major focus at this point as both symptoms were significantly affecting the patients quality of life.

I discontinued the Chinese medicine, swapping it for another (zhi gan cao tang), but continued the other 2 supplements. I added to this 300mg of co enzyme q 10 per day with food.

The result was fantastic! Leg pain stopped and energy picked right up. All other symptoms continued to improve also. I needed to swap back to the initial Chinese medicine when the patients stress levels increased significantly again, but only for 6 weeks. She now maintains on the co q 10 (150mg / day, half dose of the magnesium / vit b supplement and the epa liquid.

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