Acne Vulgaris (Adult)

A 41 year old woman presented with a long term history of skin breakouts around the cheek , chin areas. A full case history proved of little interest, and generally she was a very vital / healthy woman. She had a massive sweet tooth which she regularly gave in to, but her weight was good.


I asked the patient to pay particular attention to her menstrual cycle, with emphasis on if skin flaring was occurring at a certain time in her cycle. This proved pertinent, in that the patient noticed over two cycles that she experienced a significant increase in symptoms between days 25 & 5 of her cycle.

Her medication consisted of a high potency antioxidant / insulin supressing compound , a quality female multivitamin containing activated b6 and methylating agents for hormonal control, 4000iu of vit d3 per day (i had her blood tested and her vit d levels were only 46) and a herbal alterative compound (liver / bowel). After 4 weeks I added in a Chinese herbal formula (xiao yao san) which is very specific for pre-menstrual acne and pre-menstrual sugar cravings which she experienced. Her diet was void in white flour products and sugar, with a moderate increase in dietary protein.


Within 4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in symptoms, which the patient believed to be 80% better. After 2 menstrual cycles all symptoms were resolved.

Interestingly, i saw this patient again approx 6 months later with a mild return of symptoms. She had returned to her original diet of simple sugars and convenience foods! This highlights the strong connection between hyperinsulinaemia & hormonal skin breakouts. For more info keep an eye out for related videos or send me a query.

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