Acne rosacea (adult)

While not necessarily the pustular or cystic presentation of acne vulgaris, rosacea as it is termed, can be just an annoying to endure. Characterised by redness & swelling of the skin (normally on the upper cheeks and sides of nose) it can be accompanied with itching, pain & broken capillaries.

This account is not one of a single case, but a general underlying theme that normally is consistent with the high majority of cases. Nearly every case of rosacea I have ever treated is rectified by the following regime….

  • Alkaline diet with or without the assistance of a green / alkaline based supplement
  • Hcl supplementation after food.
  • B vitamins once daily with breakfast (high potency – not centrum!)
  • Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in water before food twice daily (sipped)
  • High potency liquid fish oil -1 tsp twice daily.

In some cases where a strong white coating on the tongue is noted, I would include a full gastrointestinal detoxification. Length of treatment varies, but this regime works!!! For specifics or info on how to undertake this to best suit you contact Shannon by email.

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  • Geoffrey

    Interesting point of view on Rosacea.  I just found this one !
    Multiple types of Rosacea exist so the following may not help some people. If you have undigested food showing up in the toilet you may have low stomach acid. Low stomach acid can actually give the same symptoms as too much stomach acid. I read somewhere on this forum about someone claiming to have cured their Rosacea with HCL supplements. Well I must say that the effect I experienced was something short of phenomenal. Within two weeks my food was digested properly and started going twice a day instead of once a day. My skin began to lighten, even capillaries got lighter in tone. My Rosacea came hand in hand with the onset of Gastrointestinal problems. I presented first with occular and followed rapidly with my nose. Hence the logon name I chose. I wouldn’t have posted but I had to weigh-in. I know how much this dreaded disease affected my job performance. If you have Roasacea and stomach problems you should definitely read up on “low stomach acid”. If you fit the bill give some HCL a try. You might be one of the Rosaceans who respond to this type of treatement. Full RegimeLavender oil nightly on affected areaBettaine HCL with every mealPepsin Enzymes once a dayLED Red and Blue (Just started that today)Vitamins: AB ComplexEBee PollenCGround Flax Seed DailyRaw Aloe Vera DailyOut of all the stuff listed, I saw almost immediate improvement with Bettaine HCL and Pepsin enzymes. I realize this is anecdotal, but the changes were startling enough to post about.I will post later once I have been on the HCL supplements longer.

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