My Mission

My mission…

To inspire,  educate & motivate- allowing people to make informed decisions about the way they live; to break myths and common misconceptions, allowing people to be the very best they can be, and move forward without fear & apprehension.

Provide practical information in the general health & sports nutrition / training arenas which allow my followers to achieve their personal goals.

Why? Help people live better lives. Feel better in their own skin. Be the best they can be. Move forward without fear and apprehension.

How? Through education. By breaking myths and common misconceptions. Provision of clinical based evidence / scientific advancements.

What?  I provide easily accessible,  online videos / tutorials / articles. Provide everyday information which may be incorporated into how you choose to live, and what you teach your family & friends.


“I am committed to providing the most comprehensive & relevant information re health & fitness, allowing you in turn to make informed decisions about how you choose to live, and what you are capable of sharing with your loved ones. The notion of existing outside of individually created barriers to success is what drives me in everything I do”